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EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA

the first MBA Programme in Europe for Family Business leaders



EDHEC Family business Global Executive MBA at a glance

“Unlike other MBAs or short-term programmes on family business, the EDHEC Family Business MBA intends to guide the future family business leaders on their transformational journey to become Agents of Change. Building on the latest research and solid expertise, our learning map balances corporate and emotional dimensions so that the next leaders Make an Impact in their families, businesses and communities. Our global team of professors and experts offer courses, such as strategy, finance and organizational behavior, as they specifically apply to family business.”

Rania LABAKI, Academic Director of the EDHEC Family Business GEMBA

Develop your Legitimacy

Leadership Assessment Centre to design your individual development agenda and Entrepreneurship imperatives to perpetuate the family business

Enhance the Family Cohesion

Family and Business Governance and Family Dynamics Management

Grow Business Sustainability

Strategic, Human Resources Management and Financial Decisions: balancing theory and practice with visits to Family Firms in America, Asia and Europe

Trigger Ownership Responsibility

Family History, Wealth Management and Social Responsibility.

objectives & curriculum

The Family Business Global Executive MBA is a modular programme that takes place every 2 months on a regular basis over 15 months, across our 5 campuses (Paris, Lille, London, Nice and Singapore) and our Partner Universities (Boston and Palo Alto, USA).

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Running the Family Business
(3 weeks on campus)

• Family Business Fundamentals
• Principles of Macro & Micro Economics
• Financial Management and Accounting
• Human Resources Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Strategic Marketing in action with the world famous “MarkStrat” simulation
• Strategic management for family firms



Strengthening and Growing
(4 weeks on campus)

• Corporate finance and valuation (via Pandora, the 1st digital serious game for family business)
• Corporate and Family Governance
• Family Business History
• Media Training and Design Thinking
• Mergers & Acquisitions


Shaping the future
(3 weeks on campus)

• Family Dynamics
• Live family business cases
• Develop your own business agenda
• A guide through the personal contribution you intend to articulate within your family business
• Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship in the family business
• Family Wealth Management

Your Leadership Development plan

Global and transformational, your Family Business Leadership Development Plan comprises the following:

• Assessment Centre at the beginning of the programme to set the stage. Improvement opportunities will be identified and a personal development agenda drawn by each participant with the help of a professional coach
• Coaching and mentoring throughout the programme
• Leadership Bootcamp at the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Leadership Developement Programme

15 months

• From May 2017 to June 2018
• Taking place every two months on a regular basis
• One or two weeks each time to optimize travel and study time

3 weeks

• Online sessions before and between modules
• Implementation Reports to apply concepts to your family business environment
• Team exercises, readings and off-campus assessments
• Reflection papers on the development of your role as a leader
• Consulting Project supervised by an EDHEC Faculty

15 months

• Modules take place alternately on worldwide campuses: Lille, Paris, Boston, Palo Alto, Nice, London and Singapore
• Family Business visits events and international peer-networking over 3 continents


The content of the Programme is important; so is the learning process! How you learn is as important as what you learn, and at EDHEC we also want to make sure that you can apply immediately your newly acquired knowledge.
We use diverse and innovative teaching methods:

• Built on the cutting-edge research of the EDHEC Family Business Centre
• Concrete and applicable: live cases and workshops
• Family Business games for accelerated learning

• Enrichment through diversity, engagement and fun: International pool of participants from family firms (family and non-family members), world-class academics, family business leaders and experts
• Trusted learning space on family business topics

participants profile

• Willing to become the next leaders of the family business (family members or external to the family)
• Recognized achievements and strong potential
• Analytically solid and emotionally mature
• Clear motivation and drive
• Rich business experience (8 years on average, of which 4 with executive responsibilities in the Family Business).
• Average-age: 30 to mid-40s

“The courses are extremely varied and enriching, covering family business governance, strategy and marketing, but also design thinking and leadership development. Our exchanges with our classmates are the cornerstone of the programme, both during and outside the classes”.

Implementation manager of ISAGRI Group, France (GEMBA 2016 Graduate)

A world class faculty

The EDHEC Family Business Centre benefits from the prestige and academic excellence of EDHEC Business School's international faculty which is comprised of more than 150 professors, researchers and business leaders. Discover our Faculty here.



EDHEC is committed to helping Participants meet the financial requirements for the EDHEC Family Business Global EMBA programme. A range of scholarships is now available.

EDHEC Scholarships:

Exclusive and limited opportunity

EDHEC Business School rewards motivated applicants who are ambitious and organized to submit their application early. For those candidates accepted to the Family Business GEMBA before December 2016, recipients will receive €15,000 applied towards the overall tuition fees of the programme.

Other Financial Aids

Thanks to academic agreements, our strategic partners offer different scholarships worth €15.000 towards the overall tuition fees of the programme.

For more information regarding the Scholarships and admission process, please contact:

Romuald Gallet
GEMBA Admissions Office
16-18 Rue du Quatre-Septembre 75002 Paris – France
Phone: +33 1 53 32 76 62


The application process for the EDHEC Family Business GEMBA is now open!

Phase 1 - Application Review
Once the application file has been received a pre-selection is made according to the Admissions Office criteria

Phase 2 - Interview
Pre-selected candidates will be invited for an interview session

Phase 3 - You're in!
The Admission Committee will take the final decision and inform you by email and formal letter

Please contact our Admissions Office to exchange about your experience and expectations. You will get a personalized recommendation and a detailed curriculum guide.

Romuald Gallet
16-18, rue du Quatre-Septembre
75002 Paris – France

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